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Brands: LG
model: V10
Applicable brand: LG
Color Classification: G5 original assembly with gm, G6 original assembly without white box, G6 original assembly without black box, G6 original blue ash, with no box assembly G6 white with pink box, original assembly G6 original assembly black with black frame, G6 original assembly with silver grey blue box, G6 black with silver frame, original assembly V10 original general assembly without box, V10 original assembly with box without shield from top to bottom, with V10 original assembly box and shield, V20 original general assembly without box, V20 original assembly with gm, V30 original new assembly No frame,V30 new original assembly with frame, exchange V30 assembly (mail inner screen intact), exchange V20 assembly (mail inner screen intact), exchange V10 assembly (mail inner screen intact), exchange G6 assembly (mail inner screen intact)
Applicable Model: V10
Digital Component Type: screen

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