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Water Purifier Brand Love
Model ALP-5000D
Place Of Origin China Mainland
Province Guangdong Province
City Shenzhen
Classification Ultrafiltration Machine,Prefilter,Central Water Purifier,Water Purification Equipment
Color Classification 2000L Machine,2000L Standard,2000L Luxury,3000L Machine,3000L Standard,3000L Luxury,4000L-A-machine,4000L-A-standard,4000L-A-luxury,4000L-B-machine,4000L-B Standard,4000L-B-luxury,5000L-A-machine,5000L-A-standard,5000L-A-luxury,5000L-B-machine,5000L-B Standard,5000L-B-luxury,6000L Machine,6000L Standard,6000L To Send Pressure Gauge Front,6000L To Send Stainless Steel 8000L Large Front,6000L Luxury
Working Principle Ultrafiltration
Filter Element Ultrafiltration Membrane
Utilized Location Central Clean Water
Efficacy Large Flow Ultrafiltration Machine
Smart Type Does Not Support Intelligence
Rated Water Output 5000L/h
Wasage Approval Approval Number Guangdong Weishui Word 2017 S9345

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