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size: Other sizes
Color Classification: It's the right size. It's the normal size. Can cut, female 34-35.5 yards, female 36-37.5 code can be cut, female 38-38.5 code can be cut, for women 39-40.5 code can be cut, female 41-42.5 code can be cut, men can cut 34-35 yards, 36 male money can be tailored to 37 yards, 38 - male money can cut 38.5 yards, 39 male money - 40 yards can cut, can cut 40 male money - 41 yards, 41 - size 42 male money can cut, can cut 43 male money - 44 yards, 45-46 male money code can be cut, 47-48 male money yards Can be cut, men's 49-50 size can be cut
Item number: T-XD-001

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